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Attempting a defense for Planned Parenthood, Laura Bassett of the Huffington Post denounced the “spotlighting” of the issue of sex-selection abortions as a “common tactic that the anti-abortion community has been using lately to turn the ‘war on women’ around on Planned Parenthood.”

However, exposing Planned Parenthood’s willingness to perform sex-selection abortions does not turn around the “war on women.” Rather, it demonstrates that Planned Parenthood, by carrying out the killings, chooses to be on the anti-female side of life.

In the interest of ending gender-based killings, it is worth repeating: Planned Parenthood does not deny it is a willing participant in sex-selection abortions unless it becomesillegal. Planned Parenthood is case in point why laws against sex-selection abortions, which have been enacted in four states with bipartisan support, are important and effective.

For anyone still inclined to believe Planned Parenthood genuinely cares about gender bias, and who is tempted to adopt its “strategy” of “nonjudgmental discussions” and wishful thinking to end gender-based killings: Remember, so long as it is legal, Planned Parenthood will take cash, check or credit card to abort the unwanted girls.

Anna Franzonello is an attorney with Americans United for Life.