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Border Patrol gets first new strategy in 8 years

SAN DIEGO — The U.S. Border Patrol is unveiling its first national strategy in eight years, a period in which the number of agents more than doubled and apprehensions of people entering illegally from Mexico dropped to a 40-year low.

Chief Mike Fisher is expected to outline the plan Tuesday in Washington. The new approach relies on buzzwords such as “risk-based” and “intelligence-driven” to describe a more nuanced, targeted response to constantly evolving threats.

The Border Patrol has relied on a strategy to blanket heavily trafficked corridors for illegal immigrants with agents. The idea was to push migrants to more remote areas where they would presumably be easier to capture and discouraged from trying again.


Black bear abandons cabin hibernation spot

PHILIPSBURG — A 200-pound black bear that swiped some blankets and pillows from a western Montana cabin to line his makeshift den in the cabin’s crawl space has moved on.

Cabin owner Judy Wing of Missoula tells the Montana Standard that now that the bear, dubbed Blue, has awakened, she’s going to bear-proof the seasonal cabin on Georgetown Lake.

Ms. Wing’s family discovered the bear, and the missing pillows, comforters and homemade blankets, on a Jan. 1 visit. They nailed shut a hatch in the floor and covered the outside opening with brush to keep the bear warm and hidden.

Fish, Wildlife and Parks game warden Terry Althaus says the bear stuck around until early April.

Ms. Wing plans to meet with wildlife officials this weekend to go over ways she can secure the cabin


Man arrested with 4 kids strapped to car hood

FORT WAYNE — Police in northeast Indiana say a man who drove three blocks with four children strapped to the hood of his car has been arrested on a drunken driving charge.

Fort Wayne police spokesman John Chambers says a witness called police Monday evening after seeing a man and woman strap the children to the car in a liquor store parking lot, then drive away.

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