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The prestigious Preceptor of the Year Award is well deserved. Mr. Rivera has increased the number of certified mentors throughout his area from 53 to 114. A recent analysis found that of current VA staff, 18 percent are on track to retire in less than five years. Mr. Rivera strives to develop future managers for VHA who can transition into executive roles.

• A longstanding campaign by the American Legion to end the victimization of military veterans and families by some for-profit schools has culminated in an order by President Obama to halt the questionable practices.

On April 27, Mr. Obama signed an executive order to help protect students and prospective students using their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits from aggressive and deceptive targeting by educational institutions, particularly for-profit career colleges. The American Legion was instrumental in the execution of the presidential order.

“This is an important victory of behalf of our young service members and veterans who, in seeking to better themselves educationally, have been wrongly and unconscionably victimized by some institutions who see America’s finest as nothing more than a vulnerable market,” American Legion National Commander Fang A. Wong said. “I am proud that the American Legion had a big hand in the president’s decision to take this bold action.”

Since the Post 9/11 GI Bill became law, the American Legion has been closely monitoring reports of some institutions encouraging veterans to take out costly private loans from them, rather than advising the students of available federal aid.

Reports indicate that some schools have also been engaging in high-pressure and misleading recruiting practices at military installations, of not providing realistic and accurate data on the school’s academic standing and the eventual career value of their diplomas and degrees. In some cases, institutions have recruited veterans with TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTS (post-traumatic stress) without giving them the counseling and support needed to help them complete their studies.

Mr. Obama’s executive order addresses these practices to, in the words of the White House, “help ensure that students are aware of the true cost and likelihood of completing their education at an institution prior to enrolling.”

In October 2011, the National Executive Committee of the American Legion adopted a resolution from the group’s Economic Commission to “Support Regulation of For-Profit Schools and State Approving Agencies.” The resolution outlined measures that were recently communicated to Mr. Obama in a letter co-signed by several veterans’ service organizations.

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