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To the ACLU, the other documents are fig leaves:

“Given the history of the School Board’s Ten Commandments displays, any alleged secular purpose for the current displays are [sic], and will be perceived as, a sham. The displays were erected with the primary aim of advancing religion.”

It’s a warped reversal of the ACLU’s logic back when it argued that fig leaves like Hugh Hefner’s hedonistic “Playboy Philosophy” essays turned his skin magazines into constitutionally protected works of literary merit. Mr. Hefner’s primary aim, of course, was to advance pornography (and his wallet) but in the ACLU’s world, that’s more than OK. So what if it was a sham?

C.S. Lewis observed that the agenda of the left is to make religion private and pornography public. In Virginia, the ACLU, otherwise known as the devil’s law firm, is still doing its best to live down to that demonic goal.

Robert Knight is senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a columnist for The Washington Times.