- - Thursday, November 1, 2012


YANGON — Authorities have ordered people in strife-torn western Myanmar to surrender guns, swords and other weapons to the police within three days or face legal action.

The announcement Thursday in the state-run Myanma Ahlin newspaper said some groups of people in Rakhine state had used swords and firearms during recent deadly confrontations between the Buddhist Rakhine and Muslim Rohingya communities.

On Wednesday, the government said it had evidence that certain individuals and organizations had instigated the violence between the two ethnic groups.

It said 89 people were killed, 136 injured and more than 32,000 left homeless when more than 5,000 houses were burned down from Oct. 21 through Tuesday. It did not report any new clashes.

Tensions have simmered in western Myanmar since clashes broke out in June after a Rakhine woman was allegedly raped and murdered by three Muslim men.


Second stealth fighter gets test flight

BEIJING — China has test flown a second model of a prototype stealth fighter, aviation specialists said Thursday, a sign of the aircraft industry’s growing sophistication.

Photos posted to the Internet on Thursday showed the radar-avoiding aircraft airborne near the northeastern city of Shenyang with its landing gear still down. Two Chinese-made J-11 fighters accompanied it on the flight, which Chinese military enthusiast websites said took place Wednesday and lasted about 10 minutes.

Ross Babbage of Australia’s Kokoda Foundation and Greg Waldron of Flightglobal magazine in Singapore said the plane known as the J-31 appeared to be a smaller version of the J-20 prototype that was tested last year.


Soldier awarded medal for bravery in Afghanistan

SYDNEY — An Australian soldier who repeatedly braved enemy fire in Afghanistan to save his colleagues during an ambush was awarded a rare Victoria Cross for his actions.

On Thursday, Cpl. Daniel Keighran, 29, was bestowed with the medal for breaking cover on multiple occasions to draw intense enemy fire during a ferocious 31/2-hour battle.

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