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In its breakdown of the “Hey Grrl!” pamphlet, the Catholic watchdog group highlights objectionable material in a “do” and “don’t” chart that gives advice for “Staying Safer With Common Charges,” such as trespassing, truancy and solicitation. The pamphlet can be read in divergent ways – as a realistic guide for at-risk youth, or as a cheat-sheet for skirting the law.

A website screen shot posted by the Catholic group indicates that a separate group, known as Different Avenues, devised the pamphlet, yet the Empower D.C. blog says site visitors should “feel free to download and distribute it at will.”

According to its website, Different Avenues is a New York-based organization that “strives to protect the health, rights and safety of girls and women of color who engage in alternative economies and activities and are affected by systemic and interpersonal violence and health disparities.”

Empower D.C.’s Ms. Nourozi said that organization deals with “harm-reduction strategies” among people who engage in certain behaviors as a means of surviving.