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Greece has had to raise money from financial markets to be able to repay €5 billion in bonds maturing Friday. It managed to get €4.06 billion from the sale of short-term bills on Tuesday. It will accept more bids until Thursday, by which time it expects to have gathered enough to afford Friday’s bond repayment.

On Monday, eurozone finance ministers also discussed the plan to restore the capital levels of Spanish banks, saying it was proceeding well. On Tuesday, Luis De Guindos, the Spanish economy minister, echoed that analysis.

“In early December, we will do the recapitalization of Spanish bank system and everything goes as we established,” he said.

He added that the so-called “bad bank,” a fund that would buy up soured investments from banks at a discount, would be established Dec. 1. The hope is that Spanish banks will lend more once those bad investments are no longer on their books.