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“Change you can step in.”

(Bumper sticker spotted in Meredith, N.H.)


Amazing. Both sides can agree on fishing poles and shotgun shells, at least according to this memo from the Office of Management and Budget:

“The Administration supports S. 3525, the Sportsmen’s Act of 2012, which would increase access to public lands for the tens of millions of Americans who participate in hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation and would support the conservation of wildlife and habitat. This legislation, a compilation of bipartisan bills, would promote our recreational hunting, fishing and shooting heritage and would continue a number of key initiatives and public-private partnerships that support conservation of fish and wildlife populations and vital habitat.

“This bill is consistent with the Administration’s commitment under the America’s Great Outdoors Initiative to provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, restore critical landscapes and support a robust outdoor economy. The Administration looks forward to continuing to work with the Congress and with the American people to advance a community-based conservation agenda.”


• 59 percent of Americans say President Obama’s second term will be “good” for lower income Americans.

• 56 percent say his new term will benefit women, 52 percent say it will benefit “the country as a whole.”

• 51 percent say the middle class will benefit, 48 percent say they and their family will personally benefit.

• 48 percent say the second term will be good for Medicare and Medicaid.

• 43 percent say the 2010 health care law will benefit.

• 31 percent say “wealthy Americans” will benefit during the second term.

Source: A Kaiser Health Tracking poll of 1,233 U.S. adults conducted Nov. 7 to 10.

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