- - Wednesday, November 14, 2012


CARACAS — Venezuelan authorities deported a prominent drug trafficking suspect to Colombia on Wednesday, nearly two months after his capture in an operation aided by Colombian and U.S. authorities.

Colombian officials consider Daniel Barrera one of the country’s most-wanted drug lords.

Mr. Barrera was handcuffed as he was led to a waiting plane at Caracas’ international airport along with two other drug suspects, including a U.S. citizen.

Venezuelan Justice Minister Nestor Reverol said Mr. Barrera had a false passport when he was captured in September in the southwestern Venezuelan city of San Cristobal.

Mr. Barrera is known as “el Loco,” or “the Madman,” and Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has called him “the last of the great capos.”

The 50-year-old Mr. Barrera was arrested after Colombian officials, who had been working with U.S. and British authorities, notified Venezuela that Mr. Barrera was making a call from one of dozens of public phones that were being monitored, officials said.


South seized freighter carrying military cargo

UNITED NATIONS — U.N. diplomats said South Korea has reported the seizure of cargo from a Chinese freighter that can be used to produce ballistic missiles and reportedly was made in North Korea and destined for Syria.

The diplomats said the seizure in May of 445 graphite cylinders from the Shanghai-registered Xin Yan Tai was reported to the U.N. Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea. The sanctions bar the country from importing or exporting nuclear and missile technology.

According to the diplomats, China briefed the sanctions committee on the seizure Oct. 24, but the committee wants additional information on those involved in the shipment.


Ireland probes death of ailing abortion-seeker

DUBLIN — The debate about legalizing abortion in Ireland flared Wednesday after the government confirmed that a woman in the midst of a miscarriage was refused an abortion and died in an Irish hospital after suffering from blood poisoning.

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