- The Washington Times - Thursday, November 15, 2012

DeAngelo Hall was fined $30,000 for “flagrantly violating league rules prohibiting abusive conduct toward game officials” against the Pittsburgh Steelers Oct. 28, the NFL said in a statement Thursday.

The Washington Redskins cornerback was not eager to talk about it, or anything. When approached by reporters after practice, he responded: “Back up off me, bro.” Hall also declined to talk during open locker room session earlier in the day.

NFL executive vice president of football operations Ray Anderson issued the fine.

“Your abuses in the October 28 game were captured on tape and witnessed up-close and repeatedly on national television,” Anderson wrote in a letter to Hall, as released by the league. “It was bad enough that you were vulgar with the officials, but it was particularly disturbing that after the first encounter with the officials, instead of separating, you repeatedly went back towards the officials to continue your tirade…

“You should clearly understand that any type of future abusive conduct toward game officials will result in escalated discipline, which may include suspension for conduct detrimental.”

Coach Mike Shanahan said he did not know if Hall would appeal. He said NFL vice president of football operations Merton Hanks was among officials who came to Redskins Park to talk to players about the incident.

“[It’s] always good when the NFL steps up and comes over here and they get a chance to hear our players’ side of the situation,” Shanahan said. “There was differences of opinion what occurred by a number of players. That goes back and forth and they make a decision on a fine.”

Hall was ejected from the game after berating head linesman Dana McKenzie. Shanahan said the fine was given to Hall because he took his helmet off and yelled at the official.

“You can’t do those things. You’ve got to keep your poise even in a situation that is pretty tough to do,” Shanahan said. “He hasn’t had a lot of situations like that. That’s one he’ll learn from and hopefully we can go on and he wont make any of those mistakes.”

It was not immediately clear if McKenzie was disciplined. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league has “no further comment on the incident.”

Shanahan’s money, passport stolen

Shanahan had money and his passport stolen from his locker room in Pittsburgh, Redskins director of security Ed Burke said in a statement.

The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that $3,700 and the passport were later located in another bag. The Redskins refuted that Thursday.

“The Pittsburgh Police insisted on filing a police report because of the missing passport,” Burke said in the statement. “There is an ongoing investigation. The missing property was not stowed in another bag as reported.”

Shanahan declined to talk much, citing the “ongoing investigation.”

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