- The Washington Times - Monday, November 19, 2012

Eric Dondero refuses to speak to his brother. Not on Thanksgiving. Not over the holiday season. Not now, not ever.

The reason?

Mr. Dondero’s brother, Alex, is a Democrat. As such, Mr. Dondero assumes he voted for President Obama.

“Everybody I know that voted for Obama is dead to me,” Mr. Dondero said. “I don’t want to talk to them again. I don’t want to see them again. I won’t even attend their funeral. The nation committed suicide on November 6.”

Two weeks after Mr. Obama’s electoral victory over Republican challenger Mitt Romney, the mood on the political right remains a disconsolate mix of shock, disappointment and defiance — from state secession petitions garnering tens of thousands of signatures to an Arizona gun store owner taking out a full-page newspaper advertisement informing Mr. Obama’s voters to shop elsewhere.

Mr. Dondero, however, may be in a category all his own.

A 49-year-old former aide to retiring Rep. Ron Paul, Texas Republican, and self-professed libertarian, Mr. Dondero attracted national attention after publishing a post-Election Day manifesto on LibertarianRepublican.net, in which he declared Democrats to be “enemies of liberty” who deserve “nothing less than hatred and utter contempt.”

In the same online post, he also announced an immediate, indefinite personal boycott of all things Democratic Party, encouraging others to follow his lead by:

Forgoing contact and communication with Democratic and Democratic-learning friends and family members.

Divorcing or breaking up with spouses or significant others who voted for Mr. Obama.

Refusing to speak with Democratic co-workers, dropping Democratic business clients and quitting your job if your boss is a Democrat.

Having your pet dog defecate on the lawn of any neighbors who voted for Mr. Obama.

Spitting on the ground in front of any Democrats you meet — while being careful “not to spit in their general direction,” so that you won’t be charged for violating some “stupid little nuisance law.”

“I haven’t had the opportunity to do that one yet,” Mr. Dondero said. “But I hope to very soon.

“I was listening to a radio talk show last night. [Conservative pundits] Hugh Hewitt and Bill Kristol were on. You can’t get more diehard Romney fans than that, and yet they were just yukking it up like, ‘OK, we lost another election, time to move on.’ Like nothing happened! And I’m thinking, ‘Oh, my God, it’s not another election.’ It was a horrible defeat. I’m not ready to move on.”

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