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_ Weight: 1.14 pounds

_ Cameras: None.

_ Battery life: 10 hours of reading, 9 hours of video

_ Operating system: Modified version of Google’s Android

Pros: Cheap and portable. Storage is expandable with microSD memory cards. Easy access to Barnes & Noble book store.

Cons: Selection of third-party applications is small. Barnes & Noble lacks wide range of content. Lacks cameras and option for wireless broadband.

Samsung Electronic Co.’s Galaxy Note 10.1:

_ Price: $499 for 16 gigabytes of storage, $549 for 32 GB

_ Screen size: 10.1 inches diagonally

_ Screen resolution: 1,280 by 800 pixels, at 149 pixels per inch

_ Weight: 1.3 pounds

_ Cameras: low-resolution front camera, 5-megapixel back.

_ Battery life: 9 hours.

_ Operating system: Google’s Android

Pros: Comes with a pen, for jotting notes and drawing on the screen. Slightly thinner and lighter than an iPad. Longer, narrower screen better suited to movies. Storage is expandable with microSD memory cards. Can act as a universal remote control for an entertainment center.

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