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AP: Did you tell everyone who’s in the book that these stories would be in print?

Coddington: I’m good at staying in touch. I still talk to all my ex-husbands and most of my ex-boyfriends.

AP: Are all your friends in fashion?

Coddington: I’ve always recognized the major influences in my life, and they are mostly in the business. It’s so interwoven. I don’t stop at five o’clock and put on a different hat.

AP: Who are the best models to work with?

Coddington: Everyone is so eager to move on to the next girl now, but THE supermodels (of the `80s and `90s) _ brats that they might have been _ had personality and were really good models. Now they’re all too beautiful, too perfect, and they’re little girls.

AP: How did you manage to dress in off-the-runway YSL back in the `60s and `70s?

Coddington: I think they gave me a big discount and I probably spent all my money there, but I have never owned couture. I probably don’t need to now because they don’t have my size, and I don’t lead that life, anyway.