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Asked which of Robert III’s plays he likes best through 10 games, he contemplated a few. The 88-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon in the season opener against New Orleans was special because of the hit he absorbed as he threw.

But Robert Jr. ultimately cited as his favorites the handful of deep passes that have slipped through receivers’ hands. Those plays are evidence of what his son still has to accomplish.

“I expect him to execute,” Robert Jr. said.

Robert III does, too. That’s why he smiled late last Sunday afternoon as he walked up the ramp that leads out of FedEx Field. He had just thrown four touchdown passes and completed all but one of his 15 passes in a blowout win over division-rival Philadelphia. All the hills he ran and video he watched and nights he stayed home were for games like that.

The son pulled a suitcase behind him, flanked by security guards. Hundreds of fans who had gathered at the metal barriers hoping to glimpse their hero began chanting “R-G-3! R-G-3!”

He acknowledged them as he walked past. He strolled into the night and slipped into his car. He had an important phone call to make.