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DOHA, Qatar — Anticipating an onslaught of criticism from poor nations, the United States claimed “enormous” strides in reducing greenhouse emissions at the opening of U.N. climate talks Monday, despite failing to join other industrialized nations in committing to binding cuts.

The pre-emptive U.S. approach underscores one of the major showdowns expected at the two-week conference as China pushes developed countries to take an even greater role in tackling climate change.

Speaking for a coalition of developed nations known as the G77, China’s delegate, Su Wei, said rich nations should become party to an extended Kyoto Protocol — an emissions deal for some industrialized countries that the Americans long ago rejected — or at least make “comparable mitigation commitments.”


Euro officials seek way to unlock Greek crisis

BRUSSELS — Finance ministers from the 17 European Union countries that use the euro were poised for another marathon negotiating session trying to hammer out a deal late Monday on the next installment of bailout money for struggling Greece.

The ministers have failed twice in the past two weeks to reach an agreement to release some $56.8 billion for the cash-strapped country.

Greece is living on borrowed time — it still owes money it was supposed to repay last week.


‘12 Days of Christmas’ swans, geese, rings now cost $107K

PITTSBURGH — Add seven swans, six geese and five golden rings to the list of Christmas gifts that cost more than they did a year ago.

And if you get all 364 items repeated throughout “The Twelve Days of Christmas” carol, you’ll pay 6.1 percent more this year, according to the so-called Christmas Price Index that PNC Wealth Management updates annually.

That comes to $107,300.


Feds seize 132 domain names in counterfeit sales crackdown

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