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Jeffrey Nedrow is a prosecutor with the U.S. attorney’s office for the Northern District of California based in San Francisco. He was a prosecutor in the criminal trial against former San Francisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds.

Hailed by the Obama administration, Solyndra became a political embarrassment after its bankruptcy and the focus of a long-running investigation the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

The FBI raid on the company’s headquarters in September 2011 attracted widespread publicity, but since then the Justice Department has said nothing about the probe.

R. Todd Neilson, the former FBI agent hired by Solyndra to review company’s books, ultimately said he couldn’t come up with any evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

As the chief restructuring officer for Solyndra, whose chief executive resigned in the wake of the bankruptcy, Mr. Neilson found no wrongdoing by the company but did conclude that investors and lenders, including the U.S. government, knew the company faced big risks.

Mr. Neilson’s detailed report in March concluded that “no material funds were diverted from their original use.”

Still, the latest batch of K&L invoices reveal numerous requests for records by federal authorities since the release of Mr. Neilson’s report, leaving questions about whether crimes played a role in Solyndra’s demise unsettled for now.