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Welfare, wealth redistribution, amnesty and stimulus after stimulus all contribute to creating a society dependent on the left for survival, ensuring that the left has support from a majority of voters.

And that’s not just a side-effect: Mr. Klein said he believes it’s a key part of the Obama administration’s strategy to ensure the Democratic Party remains in power. Less obvious, but no less dangerous, is the president’s strategy to enforce “fairness,” both domestically and internationally.

This strategy begins at home with the defense budget, which siphons money from the military into more “green” energy projects like the wind farms and electric cars that have failed to gain public acceptance despite billions of dollars of Energy Department subsidies and loan guarantees.

Defense spending would be redirected to the United Nations as a “penalty” for America’s large carbon footprint on the world and as humanitarian aid to such friendly allies as the Hamas-backed Palestinian Authority and Egypt’s Islamist government.

Our pared-down military would then be rebranded as a peacekeeping force, working closely with the U.N. to enforce “justice” around the world. And when it does go to war, it won’t be called war, Mr. Klein added: it will be disguised as a humanitarian mission that doesn’t need approval of Congress.

Which leads to another serious threat: Mr. Obama’s apparent determination to implement his agenda by expanding the power of the executive branch. He has already demonstrated a willingness to do that, from granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants to invoking executive privilege over documents related to the Justice Departmen’s Fast and Furious gunwalking operation.

“Absolutely, I think part of the strategy is to bypass Congress,” Mr. Klein said. “Imagine what he might attempt if he doesn’t have to face voters again.”

But Mr. Klein stressed that the single biggest danger of a second Obama term is a permanent loss of liberty. The president’s “progressive utopia” is a world in which the government controls every aspect of the individual’s life.

“Julia,” the Obama re-election campaign’s imaginary example of cradle-to-grave dependency on government, is really the prototype: She represents what the progressive left wants for every American.

Government intervention, Mr. Klein warned, is shrinking individual freedom.

“By increasing the government in our lives, it decreases our choice, our freedom,” he said.