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“They’re doing the best they can,” linebacker Lorenzo Alexander said, “but it’s not all on them. We need to get better pressure up front so quarterbacks don’t have as much time to throw.”

He has a point, as the Redskins managed no sacks and just two hits on Newton. Washington was tied for 20th in sacks entering the game, and the secondary simply isn’t good enough to cover receivers very long.

But a lack of pressure doesn’t explain all of the long passing plays that have plagued the Redskins this season. Defensive backs haven’t been within shouting distance on many of them, including Sunday’s bomb to Edwards.

“We can’t have mental breakdowns like that,” Alexander said. “Obviously, we’re not a good enough defense. We can’t give up those plays if we want to win.”

Painful as it might be to admit, Washington likely will have to win despite giving up big plays. Because after nine games and weeks of analysis and so-called corrections, the secondary is porous as ever with no signs of improvement.