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“Say Anything: Campaign in the [expletive meaning derriere]!”

(Election night special hosted by Joy Behar, on Current TV, the cable network founded by Al Gore. Mr. Gore, incidentally, will anchor the network’s prime-time coverage Tuesday, which follows “Campaign in the [expletive] at 8 p.m.)


“No man will ever bring out of the presidency the reputation which carries him into it.”

Thomas Jefferson, in a 1796 letter to Edward Rutledge, youngest signer of the Declaration of Independence and later governor of South Carolina.


To while away the long election night hours in true 2012 style, here’s a hybrid amusement called “Election Night: A Television History” by TV Guide business editor Stephen Battaglio, released as an audio- and video-enhanced Amazon “Whispernet” Kindle book on Tuesday. The electronic publication uses archival footage to trace the evolution of every presidential election night broadcast since “the dawn of television” in 1948, re-examining the work of veterans like Chet Huntley and David Brinkley.

Photos, campaign memorabilia and other cultural flotsam also come into play. The book ends with the 2008 election, but includes information on how to receive a free update, available shortly after the close of the 2012 election. The package is $6 to $8 depending on electronic enhancements and includes free wireless delivery. Investigate in the Kindle Store at


• 96 percent of likely U.S. voters say their mind is made up for Tuesday’s election; 4 percent could still change their mind.

• 86 percent of likely voters who support President Obama say their vote is “for” Mr. Obama, 12 percent say their vote is “against” Mitt Romney.

• 62 percent of likely voters who support Mr. Romney say their vote is for him, 37 percent say it is a vote against Mr. Obama.

• 49 percent of likely voters support President Obama, 49 percent support Mitt Romney.

• 43 percent say the economy will only get better if Mr. Romney is elected; 34 percent say the same of Mr. Obama.

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