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Among the athletes he’s treated for concussions are the Penguins’ Sidney Crosby and NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr., who sustained two of them in a six-week span earlier this season.

“They’re the best. When you go to try to find help in an area like this, with their expertise, they’re the most advanced,” Quinn said. “They’ve put together a great plan to kind of rehab it and get it back to where it was before the hits.”

Quinn said that Collins put him through “a litany of tests,” everything from vision acuity to the strength of his eye muscles, and even how quickly he recovered after a workout.

He’s been cleared for light exercise but not for contact.

“The doctors themselves don’t really know when they’ll be clear of concussion symptoms,” Chiefs coach Romeo Crennel said Wednesday. “They test him and when he’s clear, and he shows no residual effects, they can say, `Ok, you’re cleared.’”

In the meantime, Matt Cassel will resume his job as the Chiefs’ quarterback.

Cassel has been the starter the past three seasons, but lost the job after sustaining his own concussion in a game against Baltimore earlier this year. Cassel wasn’t cleared for his next start, and Crennel gave the job to Quinn on a permanent basis following the Chiefs’ bye week.

“I feel like I’m the starter until told otherwise,” Cassel said. “I’m excited about having another opportunity, and when Brady comes back and he’s healthy, we’ll see what happens.”

Nobody is certain when that will happen, though.

“I don’t know. I’m not a doctor,” Quinn said. “This is my second one this year, and I think there’s obviously a concern for those sorts of things. If you go back too soon, you have a risk of getting a third one real quick, and who knows after that.”

As for the long-term ramifications of the concussions, which have resulted in dementia and other problems among former players, Quinn said it remains in the back of his mind.

“It’s something we’re starting to learn more and more about,” he said. “They kind of do start to stack up when they’re not treated in the proper way.”


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