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A D.C. police spokeswoman said no one had been arrested by mid-afternoon Monday.

Barry Knight, one of the active protesters last year, was back in town to hold signs with the marchers. He said he would have liked to see more people as well as “more public presence and more action to maintain the public eye.”

He said last year’s demonstrations were akin to a first step, while the next step is more about education and awareness.

“We need to get everyone to wake up,” Mr. Knight said. “Democracy is not a spectator sport.”

Two men who unknowingly became spectators to the march were Tony Davis and Joe Campbell, facilities men for an office building along K Street.

Sitting on a park bench as the march went by, Mr. Campbell, 30, said he wasn’t aware of the occupation’s one-year anniversary and week-long recognition.

While protests don’t bother him too much, Mr. Campbell said they can be annoying “when they shut down where people are trying to work.”

As she waited for the street to clear where she had parked her car, District resident and neighborhood commissioner JoAnne Prue watched the marchers chant outside the Pepco office building.

“I’ll go walk around and pay some bills,” she said with a laugh. “It is what it is. We all have a voice, they have a voice, and their voice is being heard.”