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The best of the batch is a 38-minute tribute from 2008 to the man who created Batman, Bob Kane. With words from legendary artist Jerry Robinson, Mark (Luke Skywalker, Joker) Hamill, the patriarch of Marvel Comics Stan Lee and interviews with Mr. Kane (both recording and a television appearances), it’s a fitting featurette for the pop-culture icon maker.

But, wait a minute Bat fans. Where is a documentary on the original source material and its place among the best of American comics? That there’s not even a featurette, or interview with Frank Miller is just criminal. Alas, maybe we’ll get these extras in part two.

Next, we get a 12-minute look at the impact of having a female Robin in the comics’ world. This one stands out for interviews with comics’ writer extraordinaire Grant Morrison, DC animated properties guru Bruce Timm and for plenty of artwork from the Dark Knight Returns books as well as Batman comics featuring Batgirl.

Finally, viewers get the two-part episode “Two-Face” from Bruce Timm’s classic 1990s cartoon series Batman: The Animated Series.

Once again, Home Warner Video, that’s a silly mistake. Why not include the 1998 episode “Legends of the Dark Knight” from “The New Batman Adventures”? Part of that cartoon was actually inspired by Mr. Miller’s work.

Read all about it: Let’s just ignore the poorly executed extra that slaps three digital pages of the first issue of the Dark Knight comic on readers’ screens. It’s a wasted tease.

Any mature, self-respecting sequential-art fan who has not read the book needs to run out and buy a copy of the trade paperback “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” ($19.99).

It compiles the four-issue masterpiece that helped let the world know that superhero comics were not just for kids anymore.