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Simple button pushes also allow characters to kick, swing, dive, climb, slide, leap over and crawl under and around environments. And, as with all Resident Evil games, find colorful herbs that mix to create life-restoring tablets.

Killing enemies and busting up a variety of objects offers ammunition, special items and skill points. Redeem collected skill points to unlock and set up a trio of enhancements with multiple load-ins for the team, such as causing defeated enemies to drop items or the ability to pick up more pipe-bomb arrows.

Be forewarned, ammunition often is scarce and enemies take a ton of damage before falling — multiple, dead-on head shots may be required to take down even the weakest menaces.

What’s great news for beginning players is your computer-controlled partner is extremely helpful. Not only does the team member revive you with a shot plunged into the rib cage (it happened about 10 times per chapter for me), but also aggressively fights by your side.

When I was Leon, Helena knocked me out of the way, ran up to a zombie with ax embedded in its chest, pulled out the ax and lopped off his head. Thank you very much.

Memorable moments (in no particular order): A haunting and unforgettable trip (literally) into an open grave filled with water and something evil; a devastating “Jaws”-style moment; one of the most depraved death scenes I have ever watched in a video game (and I saw it multiple times because my character kept dying); the panoramic views of Edonia and nearby quaint villages under attack; a battle aboard a crashing plane; a snowmobile escape; and fighting the multi-story-tall Ogroman.

Violent encounters: Resident Evil 6 practically redefines the outrageous level of aggressive attacks and bloody, gooey, spurting, gushing, suffocating, crushing deaths delivered by and to the reanimated corpses and assorted monsters attacking the human heroes.

This game is not for the squeamish, but those unafraid to roll up their tattered sleeves will love fighting off hordes of monsters that reminded me of the best from films such as “Hellraiser,” John Carpenter’s The Thing,” “Aliens,” “28 Days Later” and “The Mummy.”

The goal is always to get one of these creatures by the noggin and shoot or slam it until it pops, spurting out fluids like a geyser or, more irritatingly, popping out another parasitic beast to destroy.

They all die in ugly ways — such as melting into a puddle of goo, burning into fiery embers or fizzling out like sparkler.

Just some of the unbelievable threats include:

Zombies — They lumber, often pounce and can wield bats, knives, hand axes, fire extinguishers, assault rifles (although they’re not very good shots), golf clubs, bottles, shovels, cleavers, sledgehammers, liquid nitrogen tanks, flaming 2-by-4s, and dynamite. Shoot for the head or get close and use the object against them.

J’Avo — A modern miracle of biological weapons technology, these multi-eyed freaks might explode at the waist and release a second monstrous form. They even can hang from the ceiling. The bigger the gun, the quicker they fall.

Bloodshots — Skinless animated corpses with sharp teeth and the ability to pounce from a distance. They take lots of damage and a shotgun usually is very helpful.

Lepotitsa — A female creature with large pores that secrete a deadly gas. When inhaled, the gas instantly kills and then reanimates the dead body. Dying at the end of a long tongue of gas is just disgusting.

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