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One of the two mounted Maryland-National Capital Park Police officers that Mr. McKenna is seen approaching in the video testified Monday that she ordered Mr. McKenna to go back up the street but that he did not obey. But after officers rushed Mr. McKenna, Sgt. Yasmin Brown said she did not see officers striking him because she was concentrating on getting her horse back into formation after it became agitated.

Eight staples were required to close a wound on the top of Mr. McKenna’s head, and pictures taken a few days after the incident show swelling and bruising of his hand and upper arm where he was struck with batons.

Mr. McKenna was arrested along with 32 others that night. He was charged with disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer. The charges were dropped after video of the beating surfaced, contradicting officers’ accounts of the incident in charging documents. Only a brief mention of the charges was made Monday, but nothing was said of sworn statements that other officers prepared — which stated Mr. McKenna and another student struck the horses and mounted officers.

Of the 33 people charged with crimes from the incidents around the university that night, police dropped the charges in 29 of those cases.

Officers Baker and Harrison were suspended with pay when the criminal charges from Mr. McKenna’s beating were filed and have remained on administrative leave pending the trial, said Assistant Police Chief Kevin Davis, who was among the multiple police officers who sat in on portions of the trial Monday.