- - Monday, October 15, 2012

The United Auto Workers gave $1 million to President Obama’s super PAC and another million to super PACs working to elect Congressional Democrats last month, filings showed Monday. And the union received more than $5 million from its Detroit affiliate, meaning it has millions more to spend before Election Day.

Priorities USA has come from behind to outrages and outspend the Mitt Romney super PAC, Restore Our Future, in recent months. But maintaining money in the bank among Democratic groups will be important because Mr. Romney has opted for a last-minute advertising blitz rather than the sustained blows Mr. Obama has levied.

Michigan is among the most anti-Romney money sources in the country — despite Mr. Romney having been born there — in large part due to his opposition to the auto industry bailout.


Ex-N.Y. mayor: Obama’s first term a disaster

Former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani said Monday that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s purported shifts in his positions on a host of subjects is no longer an issue for him and that Mr. Romney, a “practical businessperson,” would not be an “extreme ideologue” if elected president.

“He has changed his position on virtually everything,” Mr. Giuliani said in February on CBS’ “Face the Nation.” “He was a traditional, moderate Republican and he changed all that.”

Mr. Giuliani, however, said Mr. Romney’s changes no longer give him pause.

“I looked at President Obama, I said four more years of President Obama, a disaster for our economy, a confused foreign policy, a Middle East that’s falling apart — my goodness, Mitt Romney‘d be a lot better than that,” Mr. Giuliani said Monday on CNN’s “Starting Point.”


Democratic governor makes impression in red state

MARYSVILLE — A day spent with Montana’s Brian Schweitzer makes it easy to understand why he’s one of the most unusual and effective governors in the country.

At his ranch or wherever, the popular Democrat in a conservative state never misses a chance to leave a lasting impression.

He is proud of his ranch and the spring-fed fishing ponds 40 miles from Helena, with no cellphone service.

But he adds that he’s well armed.

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