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“I addressed that yesterday and I said it was laughable,” Rodriguez said Wednesday. “I do think that some of the criticism out there is very fair, and I can live with that, but some of the other stuff is unfair.”

Donald Trump offered his two cents Wednesday, calling Rodriguez “selfish” on Twitter but saying Girardi should play his normal starters.

“They got you there,” Trump tweeted.

Rodriguez said he’s still supportive of Girardi, and he didn’t want to speculate of what this postseason could mean for his future in New York.

“One thing I never do is I never quit, and I just keep competing until the end,” Rodriguez said.

With the Yankees trying to stave off the end of their season, Girardi and Cashman apparently felt they were better off without A-Rod in the starting lineup.

“We’re not afraid to make calls. We’re hoping we’re going to make the right ones,” Cashman said. “But, hey, you are in a position to make decisions, and you have to make tough ones. I don’t think we are afraid to make tough ones. We’d rather be in a position where you can run it all out there and it is nice and easy and it’s going to work at all times, but that’s not the nature of the beast of baseball.”


AP Sports Writer Ronald Blum contributed to this report.