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Men in two Toyota pickup trucks pulled up to a guest house run by Care International in the town of Dakoro late Sunday and seized five Nigerians and a worker from Chad, said Sidi Mohamed, the governor of the Maradi region. All six Africans work for the aid group “Bien-Etre Familiale,” or “Family Health,” he said.

The guest house is frequented by international aid workers who use Dakoro as a base to carry out projects in the grasslands that extend to the north, and are home to the dwindling nomadic communities.

Mr. Mohamed said the abductors were likely looking for foreign nationals.


Hip-hop star guilty of murder

JOHANNESBURG — A court in South Africa found a hip-hop star guilty Tuesday of the murder of four schoolchildren in a drag-race crash that had victims’ families worried that wealth and fame would get the accused off easy.

Molemo Maarohanye, best known by his stage name Jub Jub, faced charges of murder and attempted murder stemming from a March 8, 2010, drag race in which he and his co-defendants drove cars that plowed into a group of schoolchildren, killing four and seriously injuring two.

The crash happened in Soweto, not far from the magistrate’s court where they would be charged.

A magistrate ruled that the men had been driving under the influence of drugs, finding both guilty on four counts of murder and on two counts of attempted murder.

The case against Jub Jub, 32, was followed closely in South Africa, where many families worried the hip-hop star and his co-defendant, Themba Tshabalala, would not be convicted because of their wealth.

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