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Dunn learned of the speech after the game and was shocked.

“I’ve never heard a coach say that publicly before - lead with your elbow, they’re not calling it.”

Both January and Shavonte Zellous had concussions during a game at Minnesota late in the regular season. Now, Dunn wonders if there was intent behind the hits.

“I guess the thing that sticks in my mind now is I look back to those two concussions we had in the game up there that we played in the regular season, and it makes me think, hey, maybe that was attributed to that because that’s how they teach their players to play, which I consider very dangerous and shouldn’t be part of our game,” she said.

Dunn said Minnesota’s elbows and Reeve’s outburst didn’t cost Indiana Wednesday’s game. The Fever were outrebounded 32-20, committed 24 turnovers and let Seimone Augustus score 23 of her 27 points in the second half.

“Just do your job, box out better, don’t give so many second-chance points, take care of the basketball and you win the ballgame,” Dunn said. “So that’s what we’re focusing on tomorrow night, is doing the little things like that better.”

Indiana guard Katie Douglas isn’t sure if she will play. The Fever’s No. 2 scorer sprained her left ankle in Game 3 of the Eastern Conference finals and missed both Game 1 and Game 2 of the Finals. Douglas said she’s dealing with pain and instability and doesn’t know how effective she will be if she plays. Indiana reserve guard Jeanette Pohlen left Wednesday’s game with an injured left knee. Dunn said she doesn’t expect Pohlen to play Friday.

Minnesota is at full strength and feeling good after playing its style of game and winning on Wednesday.

“I think for us, the vet team that we have, we can’t dwell on anything,” McWilliams-Franklin said. “It’s about sharpening what we do well, which is what we did. We are a fast breaking team, set up second, and I think we pushed it at them. We were up and aggressive and doing the things that Minnesota Lynx always do.”