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“We don’t have any backup cars,” crew chief Darian Grubb said. “They’re all primaries.”

Clint Bowyer, who’s fourth in the Chase, was pulling onto the track during the first hour of testing Thursday when he saw Hamlin slide up the new variable banking and into the wall.

“He was sideways way, way early, and I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on, and then I saw him get on the apron and he was in trouble, man,” Bowyer said. “He hit hard.”

Hamlin compared the crash to one he had in 2008 at Talladega, when he blew his right front tire and shot up the track and into the wall. He spent the night in the hospital after complaining of a headache, and said he was diagnosed with a slight concussion.

“It was the first time I really had some dizziness,” Hamlin said of Thursday’s crash. “Usually I’m sore or your jaw hurts from clenching your jaw. This is the first time I really got dizzy.”

Hamlin was reevaluated about an hour after his wreck before he was cleared to resume testing, but he wasn’t sure whether the medical staff was being any more thorough than usual.

“They were just trying to be safe and asking me how I felt, and I was honest with them and I said I was a little dizzy,” Hamlin said. “The medical staff can’t do their job unless I tell them exactly what’s going on. They might as well not even be here.”