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They’ve missed some calls. Fox’s “House” had the numbers to return, but the Bear didn’t take into account increased costs of producing an older show, or the desire of its actors to continue, Gorman said.

“Two years ago, we thought (Fox’s) `Fringe’ would get cancelled and we were subsequently proven wrong,” Gorman said. “We were eviscerated by their crazy fans. We’re a public forum and they descended on us like locusts.”

They had a public battle with actress Kathy Bates and makers of “Harry’s Law” over a prediction last year that the show wouldn’t survive because it had an older audience, which has little value to NBC. The show’s executive producer, Bill D’Elia, tweeted “who cares what they think? `Harry’s Law’ is most viewed scripted drama on NBC and will return.”

Nope. The Bear caught up with him.