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The county election board accepted Mr. Quillen’s resignation Friday, less than three weeks before the election. He is a Republican, so the county Republican Party in the key presidential battleground state will recommend his successor.

The county had experienced delays in getting absentee ballots to voters, but the board chairman says that played no part in Mr. Quillen’s departure.


Two sailors to be punished in sex scandal, AP reports

A senior military official says the U.S. expects to charge two Navy sailors in connection with the prostitution scandal that engulfed U.S. Secret Service and military members preparing for a presidential visit to Colombia earlier this year.

The official says the two sailors will be charged with hiring a prostitute and dereliction of duty for drinking within eight hours of the time they had to report for duty.

Of the dozen military members initially implicated, seven Army soldiers and two Marines received administrative punishments for what was described as misconduct, and one Air Force member was cleared. Three of the soldiers declined the administrative punishments and have requested courts-martial.


San Diego newspaper barons trumpet conservative causes

SAN DIEGO — The new media barons of America’s eighth-largest city are upfront about wanting to use their newspaper to promote their agenda of downtown development and politically conservative causes — and they are making their points in a brash, bare-knuckle style.

Douglas Manchester and his partner John Lynch gave their 143-year-old newspaper a new slogan (“The World’s Greatest Country & America’s Finest City”), ran a front-page editorial that declared their plan to reshape the city’s downtown waterfront was their highest priority, and forecast doom if President Obama wins re-election.

Mr. Manchester, who became wealthy building hotels during the dawn of San Diego’s downtown renaissance and insists on being called “Papa Doug,” bought The San Diego Union-Tribune last year and its most serious competitor, the North County Times, this month. As he and Mr. Lynch eye expansion to Los Angeles and other major cities, they are frank about seeking to use their new platforms to advance their agenda — and they think they can make a profit while they’re at it.

Mr. Lynch calls the editorial viewpoint pro-family, pro-military and pro-America and says “anybody who isn’t shouldn’t be living here.”

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