World Series 2012: Face it, bearded look is in

Something about Giants, Tigers grows on you

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“He looked very groomed compared to (this) look,” Sabean said. “As he’ll tell you, the beard has its own checking account. Romo, Romo’s tightened himself up. Pence, not so good, bad look. It’s like ‘The Axeman’ or something.”

Any other grooming critiques?

“I’m not going to get into other people’s beards,” Sabean said.

If Wilson were healthy and available to pitch, Sabean kids that the beard might get in the way.

“It’s not as aerodynamic,” the GM said. “Maybe things would fly out of it and be a distraction to the hitter.”

All over baseball, facial hair has become a hot topic.

Last weekend, former Giants pitcher Brad Hennessey posted this as his status on Facebook: “Pence needs to shave that awful thing on his face! Are u saying that it grows in all white trashy like that all on its own?”

Werth also had a good beard going, a fitting complement to that wild hair hanging from under his Nationals cap. His beard posts on Twitter, too: (at)JWerthsBeard.

The Athletics also made a good showing, with Brandon Moss, Jonny Gomes and fellow bearded teammate Josh Reddick pushing Detroit to a deciding fifth game in the division series.

Tigers reliever Jose Valverde has enjoyed checking out Wilson, Romo and the Giants from close range.

“Mine is clean, it’s not too much. Those two guys over there have crossed the line already,” Valverde said. “Romo’s is the one I like the most. I think Romo is perfect right now. Remember last year, it was longer. Romo is doing good. I don’t know what’s going on for Wilson this year.”

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