- - Thursday, October 25, 2012


KABUL — The U.S. military said two of its service members have been killed in an apparent insider attack by an Afghan police officer.

The U.S. force in Afghanistan said in a statement that a man wearing an Afghan police uniform turned his weapon on U.S. service members in Uruzgan province.

U.S. forces spokeswoman Air Force Maj. Lori Hodge said the attack happened before noon Thursday.

She declined to give further details and said it was not clear yet if the attacker was an enlisted police officer or an insurgent disguised as a police officer.

The statement said the attack is being investigated.


Military reshuffle ahead of power change

BEIJING — China’s defense ministry announced Thursday further reshuffling of the top military bosses, reflecting bargaining among the country’s top leadership ahead of a power transfer next month.

The heads of four top army departments were changed, with the new appointees certain to gain a position on China’s highest military body, the Central Military Commission.

Zhang Youxia, 62, a general thought to have close ties with Xi Jinping, who is set to take over as leader of China’s ruling Communist Party next month, became head of the Armaments Department, which oversees weapons procurement.

The appointment clears a path for the department’s previous head, Chang Wanquan, 63, to become a vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. Gen. Chang is considered to be a protege of outgoing Communist Party leader Hu Jintao.

The position of vice chairman traditionally ensures a seat on China’s Politburo, a group of 25 people who oversee the ruling Communist Party.

The Politburo is set for a major reshuffle at the party’s congress next month.


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