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2:10 p.m.

There’s a keyboard cover for Surface, costing $100 extra for the basic, $499 device. There are “keys” on the cover that allow for typing. Panay noted that the cover is pressure-sensing, so if you just rest your hands on it, it’s not going to start erratically typing.

The cover also folds back and can act as a support for the device’s kickstand if you’re placing it on your lap.


2:05 p.m.

As previously disclosed, the Surface will come with the Office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets and other business tasks. Other tablets running Windows RT, the lightweight version of the operating system, will also come with a version of Office for free.


2 p.m.

The Surface has a kickstand. The back camera is angled in such a way that when it’s leaning on the stand, it shoots straight out, not toward the table.


1:55 p.m.

In a gimmick to show its durability, Microsoft showed a picture of Sinofsky standing on a Surface outfitted with wheels to make a skateboard. The company also showed three skateboard Surfaces on stage.


1:45 p.m.

Microsoft described Surface as an extension of Windows, though the company noted that it’s about extending other Microsoft products, too. Panay demonstrated watching movies and listening to music on the Surface and used an Xbox to relay content.

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