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1:35 p.m.

Microsoft began a launch event for the Surface tablet at the same location at Pier 57.


1:10 p.m.

One thing missing from Thursday’s launch event: partners, such as PC makers, on stage.

With the launch of Surface, Microsoft is competing with some of its partners. One analyst suggested that PC makers didn’t want to come because of that, as going alone in a presentation was unusual.

“Maybe it’s a freeze-out because of the Surface,” said Richard Doherty, CEO of technology assessment and market research company Envisioneering.

Larson-Green said there was no such tension. She said PC makers gave Microsoft devices to show on stage, and representatives from each of them were in the audience.

“We made it a Microsoft event to keep it short,” Larson-Green said.

The event clocked in at less than an hour. By contrast, Apple’s event Tuesday went about 75 minutes _ and that was short for the company. That event didn’t have any partners either, though past events from Apple have had them.


12:45 p.m.

Included with Windows 8 is a new version of Microsoft’s browser, Internet Explorer 10. Microsoft says it’s “perfect for touch” and will be designed to work seamlessly with its Internet-based storage service, SkyDrive. It’s similar to how the latest version of Apple’s Safari browser on Mac computers works with its iCloud storage service. In the case of Apple, Web pages open on other machines logged in with the same account can be easily accessed.


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