- The Washington Times - Sunday, October 28, 2012

PITTSBURGH — The game was already out of hand when DeAngelo Hall lost his temper. The veteran Washington Redskins cornerback ripped off his helmet to yell at an official late in Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers and was ejected from the game.

It remains to be seen what kind of supplemental discipline awaits Hall, who was flagged twice and thrown out for berating head linesman Dana McKenzie.

“I’m not going to discuss that particular play,” Hall said. “I’ve got a meeting set up with commissioner [Roger] Goodell on Monday. Me and him will talk about it, watch the film, figure out what went down and hopefully get to the bottom of this.”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said he did not have any knowledge of a formal hearing; Hall said he had his agent calling the league office “trying to set something up.” NFL offices are closed Monday because of Hurricane Sandy.

The incident occurred with just less than four minutes remaining in the Redskins‘ 27-12 loss to the Steelers at Heinz Field. Hall got tangled up with wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and went to the ground. As he got up, took his helmet off — warranting an automatic penalty — and began yelling at McKenzie.

Hall did not appear to make physical contact with McKenzie or any other official, but he had to be restrained.

When trying to pull Hall away, middle linebacker London Fletcher’s message was simple.

“I just really was just telling him at that point in time he wasn’t going to win that battle,” Fletcher said. “They had already thrown two penalties; I think they had already decided they were going to kick him out [of] the game. So I just didn’t want the situation to get any worse for him, even though he was out of the game.”

It certainly could have gotten worse, seeing as how Hall did not show any restraint on his own in yelling at McKenzie.

Afterward, the 28-year-old refused to talk about the play except for his brief statement about meeting with Goodell.

“I’m not going to discuss that,” he told reporters. “Next question. Any question about the actual football part of the game.”

Some defensive players who were on the field at the time said they didn’t know exactly what happened.

“You just don’t know what really transpired through the whole conversation or whatever. Sometimes the officials, they let you get away with some things,” Fletcher said. “I don’t know exactly what was said between to warrant them throwing the penalties on D-Hall.”

Coach Mike Shanahan knew more but was not forthcoming about what Hall said.

“I wouldn’t share it with anybody anyhow, but it was enough to draw a flag,” Shanahan said.

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