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In Kluwe’s home state of Minnesota, which also has a same-sex marriage issue on next month’s ballot, the Vikings player cut a radio ad invoking his much quoted insult. The ad begins with a man’s voice calling himself “the government” at Kluwe’s front door, asking him questions about his letter to Mr. Burns.

“You can’t go around calling elected officials [that really colorful term],”the man’s voice tells Kluwe.

“Actually, I can,” Kluwe replies. “This is America.”

D.C. Chartered’s identity crisis

About a year ago, not too many residents of the District would know a lick about a company called the D.C. Chartered Health Plan. And why would they? A managed-care company that makes sure Medicaid patients are linked up to health-care providers isn’t too eye-catching when you’ve got bicycle lanes, cupcakes and Lincoln Navigator-related scandals to worry about.

But federal prosecutors’ revelations that Chartered’s owner, Jeffrey E. Thompson, may have injected at least $650,000 in unreported funds to Mayor Vincent C. Gray’s 2010 campaign have put the company on the map. Just this month, the city took over Chartered through a court receivership amid news of at least $4 million in shaky bookkeeping at the company.

Mr. Thompson has not been charged with anything, and his company is free to rebid for its lucrative contract before it expires in April. But that’s where it gets tricky, considering the city’s nascent status as Chartered’s overlord.

“If we as the government submit the proposal to ourselves, and we win — see what I’m saying?” D.C. Council member David A. Catania, at-large independent, said.

Insurance and health care officials assured Mr. Catania that nepotism will not reign when the contract is awarded. As a rule, Chartered’s executives can rebid for the contract, but cannot actually win it if the company is still under receivership.

Plus, it quite an understatement to say the odds are stacked against Chartered.

“It’s finished, as far as I’m concerned,” Mr. Catania said.

Megan Poinski, David Hill and Tom Howell Jr. contributed to this report.