Trick play gone awry a setback in worst game of RG3’s NFL tenure

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A yellow flag joined the tangle of players: Griffin had pushed off. The Steelers declined the penalty.

“I got hit in the face. He ran into me. We were all pass-interfering everybody, so it doesn’t matter,” Griffin said.

The gimmick play faded into the raw afternoon of dropped passes and plodding offense for the Redskins, among the raindrops and yellow ponchos and cold wind blowing through the stadium toward the confluence of the Allegheny and Ohio rivers.

“I don’t think,” Griffin said, “that was the turning point in the game by any stretch.”

Clark’s hit on Griffin remained, shot around the Internet in video clips that drew winces and questions. The Steelers knocked Griffin to the ground 10 times, the same number of hits he’s taken in each of the previous two weeks. It’s a vast improvement over the 28-hit battering the Cincinnati Bengals delivered last month.

Why put the Griffin in position to risk another hit? Practice success of the play was the repeated answer.

“It just gives you an idea of what type of athlete he is,” Shanahan said. “If it was man coverage, no one would have been anywhere by him.”

Instead, the trickery amounted to one more shot for Griffin in a season filled with them.

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