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Mr. Sigafoose lives in Calvert County, about three miles west of the Chesapeake Bay. Because his house is surrounded by tall trees on three sides, he said, he and his family planned to sleep in their basement.

“The kids will actually have a fort set up with a tent, so they think that’s pretty cool,” he said. “This is our second hurricane in this house. After [Hurricane] Isabel last year, I woke up to find three neighbors in my front yard getting ready to chop up a couple of trees that fell across my driveway.”

Mr. Sigafoose laughed.

“It was extra reassuring, because I don’t have a chain saw,” he said.

For her part, Ms. Duval said she planned to spend Monday night at Happy Paws, taking care of the dogs being boarded at her salon.

“We have blow-up mattresses and blankets, so it’s very comfortable here,” she said. “I brought my dog to work, but had to leave my cat at home, so I’ll go home later and make sure she’s OK. She’s probably thinking, ‘Good, they’re gone. The dog always eats my food anyway.’”