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Doctors protest state of health care

NAIROBI — Emergency rooms in some of Kenya’s public hospitals frequently don’t have gloves or medicine.

Most alarmingly, power outages sometimes force doctors to use the light from their phones to complete a procedure.

Doctors in public hospitals in Kenya on Wednesday were on their 17th day of a strike over the dilapidated state of public health care.

Kenya’s government so far is not listening to the doctors’ demands. Last week, the government fired 1,000 of the 2,000 striking doctors despite a shortage of skilled medical practitioners.


Radical sect threatens wives of leaders

LAGOS — The leader of a radical Islamist sect has threatened the wives of Nigerian security agents and government officials in an Internet video while denying his group is in any peace talks to end the violence that has killed hundreds in the country’s north.

In a video uploaded Sunday to YouTube, Abubakar Shekau also denied claims that the spokesman for the sect known as Boko Haram had been killed by Nigeria’s military. He said the group would continue to “follow our religion” and carry out attacks in Nigeria’s predominantly Muslim north.

The Associated Press could not immediately authenticate the video, but it appeared to be from the sect and followed the pattern of other videos previously released by the group.

In it, Mr. Shekau appears relaxed, wearing a checkered red-and-white Keffiyeh scarf. An AK-47 assault rifle leans against the wall behind him.

Speaking in the Hausa language of Nigeria’s north, Mr. Shekau said that the nation’s military and security agencies have seized 10 women who are wives of Boko Haram members. He claimed the women had been raped by their captors, though he did not elaborate on how he knew that.

Those arrested by police in Nigeria often face torture, sexual abuse and the potential of being killed “extrajudicially,” human rights groups repeatedly have charged.

At one point in the video, Mr. Shekau laughed and said: “You should wait and see what’s going to happen to your own wives.” He repeatedly denied that the group is in peace talks with Nigeria’s weak central government and promised more attacks.

Officials representing Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan have made that claim several times in recent weeks, but the only attempt at talks through intermediaries failed several months ago when details leaked out in local newspaper reports.

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