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Like any self-respecting fullback, receiving a carry on the 2-yard line is a dream scenario. But even that isn’t common; the last Maryland fullback to rush for a touchdown was Cory Jackson in 2007. Cierski visited the end zone on a reception last year, but forgot about his preplanned celebration upon collecting the touchdown.

“I had one last year when I scored against Towson but I forgot to do it,” Cierski said. “We’ll have to see if I can bust that out this year. I had practiced it a couple times during practice but it just slipped my mind.”

No matter. With Cierski back in the fold, it’s unlikely the Terps will forget about his importance to their offense any time soon.

“The fullback’s kind of a dying position, and nobody really pays attention to it too much,” Cierski said. “That’s what I try to do — I try to get the attention back on it and make people know I’m there.”