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Hong Kong Electric spokeswoman Elaine Wong declined on Wednesday to release any information about the Lamma IV’s captain.

A woman who escaped the Lamma IV with her husband and their two children told the South China Morning Post they barely had time to get into life vests before water rushed into the boat.

Renee, whose surname was not given, said her husband, Fong Hang-keung, found an exit and pulled her, their 7-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter out into the sea. The four were rescued in about 10 minutes.

Mr. Ng, the ferry official, said the Sea Smooth had no problems when it passed a government-required inspection last month. Echoing promises from the power company Tuesday, he said the ferry company “will absolutely chase the reasons behind the incident.”

Mr. Ng bristled at the claim, made by the power company Tuesday, that the ferry left the scene immediately.

“I think, at this stage, to say that we left without a backward glance, there is a little problem with that,” Mr. Ng said. But he added that because he still hadn’t spoken with the ferry captain, he did not know exactly how the crew responded.

Associated Press writer Alexa Olesen in Beijing contributed to this report.