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Overall, the brutality and uncensored gore is so far off the normal meter that it almost was amusing — when I wasn’t spooked right out of my wits.

Read all about it: Fans looking for other adventures starring B.S.A.A. agents will enjoy the comic book miniseries Resident Evil ($3.99 each). This six-issue 2009 series from DC Comics’ Wildstorm imprint stars agents Holiday Sugarman and Mina Gere fighting against the telepathic G-Virus and its hungry victims to survive in space and the jungles of South America.

Pixel popping scale: 8.0 out of 10. Being able to appreciate some of the finer moments realized by the combination of motion-capture technology and computer-generated animation requires actually being able to see it on a television screen. I’m warning gamers to ignore the initial recommended set-up options. I followed the instructions so the RE6 logo barely showed on my screen and was greeted with a way-too-dark game. Let’s lighten up, Capcom.

The beauty of the action is not all about what is lurking in the shadows (which is pretty cool), but viewing some really slick cut scenes, zombie interactions and blockbuster moments that will not disappoint.

Star power: Equally important to the look of the game is the sound for Resident Evil. Pop on some headphones and appreciate this finely tuned aural medley of terror, including moans, growls, screams, creaky boards, dripping water, heavy breathing and a load heartbeat (wait, that’s mine). The musical orchestration also will guarantee to cut a few hours off a gamer’s life with screeching “Psycho”-style string crescendos leading the way.

Extras and Unlockables: Shoot the Serpent artifacts hidden around environments and stop by an arcade to view unlocked character bios, locations and story points.

Multiplayer: Within cooperative action built for friends to share the violent horror, two players (in the same room through a split screen or online) can drop in and out during the action. At points, each helps the other with tasks such as climbing up structures, tripping or opening doors.

A cool addition also allows online players within the three campaigns to randomly intersect at points with four player-controlled characters working together to further the story and defeat creatures.

A real treat for the pure monster lover in the family arrives in multiplayer action with Agent Hunt. A gamer drops into another player’s online campaign to play as a creature; the most twisted eventually available include the steam-spewing Napad or garden-variety zombie.

So looking at the game from the other side of the bloodied coin, it’s hard to exist as one of the undead with a chunk of your torso missing, be it lumbering around with a bat, flopping my skeletal remains at Helena and munching on her neck, or puking out a stream of acid shot on an unsuspecting Leon.

Finally, the Mercenaries requires stopping hordes of hostiles and allows multiple players to battle through the challenging levels.

Final thoughts: Resident Evil 6 stressed and emotionally exhausted me in nearly every chapter as fear, adrenaline rushes and dread kept me riveted to the screen while schizophrenic scenarios played out over the hours and hours of brutality. Turn off the lights and soak in this bloated horror show that provides a gruesome starting point to the hit parade of video games this upcoming holiday season.