- Associated Press - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Rich Gannon of CBS Sports/Sirius XM:

Week 9

RICH GANNON (CBS Sports/Sirius XM)

1. Atlanta _ Still undefeated for a reason, they can take the show on the road and dominate.

2. Houston _ One of the most balanced teams in the game right now.

3. New York Giants _ Built for the long haul and getting better each week.

4. Green Bay _ Concerns with the running game overshadowed by Rodgers and the passing attack.

5. Chicago _ Survived a scare vs. Carolina by once again scoring on defense.

6. San Francisco _ Great defense, strong running game, excellent special teams and an outstanding coaching staff. Pretty solid!

7. New England _ Is anybody else bored with Brady? He makes it look so easy each week!

8. Baltimore _ Time to pump the brakes with their run defense and get Ray Rice cranked up in the run game.

9. Denver _ Manning and the passing game finding their groove along with that defense. Watch out!

10. Pittsburgh _ Is anybody paying attention to how well Roethlisberger is playing without his entire supporting cast?

11. Miami _ Impressive road win over the Jets should come as no surprise because they are the better team right now.

12. Minnesota _ Not their best performance on Thursday against Tampa. They need to get Ponder back on track quickly.

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