- Associated Press - Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Ballot and comments from AP Pro 32 panel voter Dan Pompei of the Chicago Tribune:

Week 9

DAN POMPEI (Chicago Tribune)

1. New York Giants _ How would an Eli Manning-Peyton Manning Super Bowl strike you?

2. Atlanta _ When everyone was busy watching Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, Matt Ryan was the best passer in the first half of the NFL season.

3. Chicago _ Their offense has been all promise, no payoff. Unless Jay Cutler and company start putting together more scoring drives, the Bears can’t keep it going.

4. Houston _ They will get a chance to show Mario Williams how much he is missed Sunday

5. San Francisco _ If they can keep Alex Smith playing like he played Monday, look out.

6. Green Bay _ They are managing to tread water through some injuries _ that’s the sign of a strong team.

7. New England _ After the bye, the Patriots could be ready to embark on their annual second half tear.

8. Baltimore _ No truth to the rumor that Joe Flacco is going to play both ways in order to do for the Ravens defense what he has done for their offense.

9. Denver _ Looks like they should keep getting better and run away with the AFC West.

10. Minnesota _ They cannot be as bad as the team we saw last Thursday. Can they?

11. Miami _ Joe Philbin is an early candidate for coach of the year and the Dolphins are the NFL’s surprise team so far.

12. Pittsburgh _ What does it tell us when more people are talking about the uniform than the team?

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