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13. Indianapolis _ The Colts are not a bad football team. And with Vick Ballard, they might not be a bad high jump team either.

14. Detroit _ If anyone can find Calvin Johnson, please let Matthew Stafford know where he is.

15. Seattle _ If you judged them strictly by their road record (1-4), they’d be at the bottom of these rankings.

16. Dallas _ They remain a scary team to play. And a scary team to coach, apparently.

17. Arizona _ If history is a guide, the Cardinals, who started 4-0 and then lost four straight, are due for a four game win streak.

18. Washington _ Injuries on both sides of the ball have impacted this team to a significant degree.

19. Philadelphia _ It’s difficult to envision Nick Foles saving the season for the Eagles.

20. Tampa Bay _ They might not be Super Bowl bound, but you can see progress under first year coach Greg Schiano.

21. San Diego _ They have lost three straight and San Diego is starting to look for scapegoats.

22. Cincinnati _ Three straight losses have the Bengals reeling, but they can’t be counted out just yet.

23. New Orleans _ Steve Spagnuolo would like a magic wand. Or a pass rush. Or some run defense. Or some decent coverage.

24. St. Louis _ They can blame what happened Sunday on the fish and chips. Or on Tom Brady.

25. Buffalo _ Maybe they had time during their off week to fix some of the leaks in their defense.

26. New York Jets _ Rex Ryan barely is recognizable without being cocky. But he has little to be cocky about these days.

27. Tennessee _ Mike Munchak says Jake Locker is not “a long ways away.” The Titans, however, may be.

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