- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 31, 2012

“Waste your vote on me,” begs Gary E. Johnson to curious or disenchanted voters everywhere. The Libertarian Party candidate is calling on fierce local fans to amplify his message with grass-roots fervor, a campaign strategy of former presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul. Mr. Johnson’s official “Sign-Waving Weekend” begins Thursday and continues through Monday, complete with the customary uproar on social media, many fan-generated photos and partying in the neighborhoods.

“This is our last chance to inform the public before Election Day,” the candidate insists. “So grab your Gary Johnson signs, find a busy street corner in your hometown, and wave your support for liberty.”


The instant bond between President Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie in the tumultuous aftermath of Hurricane Sandy has not gone unnoticed. Some observers say Mr. Christie is just being Mr. Christie with his praise of the president — a plainspoken New Jersey kind of guy. Others say the governor may face a little post-hurricane cleanup of his own.

“So does Christie want to run in 2016 if Romney loses? Because if he does, looking too chummy with Obama right now is a suicidal move. People will remember. Not saying he shouldn’t do disaster-tour thing, but if he’s smart he’ll follow up with loud pro-Romney statement,” observes Glenn Reynolds, the InstaPundit for Pajamas Media.


“Should anyone wonder why we are suing Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the city of New York over their handgun-permitting process? People should be able to protect their lives and livelihoods. Despite one report that there is a New York cop stationed on every block, business owners must have the means to defend what’s theirs.”

- Second Amendment Foundation Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, regarding looting in New York after Hurricane Sandy.


Fresh from his role as first-responder-in-chief, President Obama has resumed duties as campaigner-in-chief. He’ll board Air Force One on Thursday, bound for Green Bay, Wis., then on to Nevada. Mr. Obama visits Las Vegas for a mega-event with actress Eva Longoria, followed by a quick jaunt to Boulder, Colo.

Rep. Paul Ryan, meanwhile, will not be too far away. He’ll campaign in Reno, Nev., on Thursday, with a likely stop in Vegas as well. Mr. Obama, who won the Silver State by 12 percentage points over Sen. John McCain four years ago, now has a 35,000-ballot lead in the Silver State among early voters. But no one rests easy.

“We’re taking nothing for granted,” campaign manager Jim Messina said in a conference call Wednesday.


There’s a quantifiable reason why Mitt Romney avoids late-night TV as if it is kryptonite. Talk-show comedians have told more jokes about Mr. Romney than about all Democrats, says a new study of political humor by the Center for Media and Public Affairs.

Romney is leading in the humor race, but being the biggest joke is a race nobody wants to win,” says Robert Lichter, president of the group, which analyzed funny fodder from NBC’s Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon, plus David Letterman and Craig Ferguson on CBS, from August through October.

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