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The film includes video of Cleese’s notorious eulogy for Chapman, in which he lovingly bid good riddance to the “freeloading bastard.”

Graham would have been very cross if John hadn’t said that about him,” Terry Jones said.

Bill Jones and co-director Timlett had just come off of making the six-part documentary series “Monty Python: Almost The Truth _ The Lawyers Cut” when the opportunity came their way to do “A Liar’s Autobiography.” They didn’t want to do another Python-related documentary, though, and it suited Chapman’s unfathomable spirit to let his life play out in whimsical, free-form animated sequences.

“It’s just an appreciation of his twisted humor. Not understanding who the man is or finding out any facts about the man’s life, but getting a sense of him and getting at his feelings,” Bill Jones said. “I think we’re just trying to show the sort of thing he enjoyed, because he is sort of the forgotten Python. He hasn’t been around for 23 years.”