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The latest Real Clear Politics average of polls shows Mr. Romney sitting atop slim leads in Virginia and here in Florida — where he has three campaign stops planned Wednesday — and found Mr. Obama holding on to a two-point edge in Ohio, which many see as Mr. Romney’s key to victory.

In dueling conference calls, the two campaigns spun the latest polls in their favor, with Team Romney making the case that momentum is on its side. They said their supporters are more enthusiastic about voting, that Mr. Romney now holds a higher favorability rating, and that they’ve put Mr. Obama on his heels in states — Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota — that Mr. Obama was were supposed to easily win.

“I feel like we are in a very, very, good place with one week to go,” said Russ Schriefer, a senior Romney adviser.

Team Obama countered that the Romney camp was projecting “faux-mentum.” They said Mr. Romney is growing desperate and it shows in Ohio, where the Republican is running television and radio ads about the auto bailout that top Obama strategist David Axelrod called “fundamentally misleading.”

Raising the stakes, Mr. Axelrod went as far to say that he would shave off his signature moustache if Mr. Romney captured Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota.