- - Thursday, October 4, 2012


Romney wins endorsement of National Rifle Association

FISHERSVILLE, Va. — The National Rifle Association on Thursday endorsed Mitt Romney minutes before the Republican presidential nominee prepared to speak to a loud crowd in the Shenandoah Valley full of NRA supporters.

“It is the NRA that protects the Second Amendment. I am proud to have their support for my candidacy,” Mr. Romney said in a statement touting the group’s backing.

The NRA’s backing was not a surprise, and it’s not clear how much more of a boost Mr. Romney needs in the gun-rights community.

But it does bring the prospect of added ground troops in places like Virginia, where hundreds of supporters at Mr. Romney’s rally sported blaze-orange NRA caps and held NRA hand fans with the slogan “Defend Freedom — Defeat Obama.”

More than backing Mr. Romney, however, the NRA’s message was to oust President Obama at all costs. “We stand on the edge of an Obama cliff of freedom,” said NRA Executive Director Wayne LaPierre.


Poll: Voters seek agreement with stance on abortion

A growing number of Americans say they will only vote for political candidates who agree with their stance on abortion, according to a poll released Thursday.

A Gallup poll surveyed 1,301 registered voters last week, and found that 17 percent of them say a candidate for major office must share their views on abortion, matching the highest percentage leading up to a presidential election in the past 20 years.

The poll found that 34 percent of voters do not see abortion as a major issue when choosing a candidate, and that 45 percent say it is one of many important factors. According to the poll, 48 percent of registered voters identify themselves as being pro-choice while 45 percent say they are pro-life.


Ann Romney to host ABC morning show

Ann Romney will be a guest host on “Good Morning America” on Wednesday.

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